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Our Goals

Locker Rooms

Our first order of business is to secure permanent locker rooms for Kingswood Hockey teams at the Pop Whalen Ice Arena. Our local taxpayers and school district have spoken that they do not wish to support the extra $250,000 expense to fund these locker rooms - so we accept the challenge to do it ourselves! This saves taxpayers money and is a lesson to our boys and girls that if you want something bad enough, you have to put the work in!


Hockey may be known as a purely physical sport, but it also a mental game. Ice hockey has been referred to 'chess on ice' and part of our mission is to provide resources to our players to improve their hockey IQ. Reading plays, ice awareness, controlling emotions, and manifesting the outcome of the game are life skills that can be learned and honed.

Coaching Staff

Great players need great coaches. Part of our mission is to attract and retain excellent support coaching staff. We are lucky to have an amazing volunteer assistant coaching staff, but we also know it's a huge commitment attending every practice and game during the season. We have two large teams this year with over 60 student players! Supporting our coaches is absolutely critical to the success of the Kingswood hockey program.

Health and Safety

Playing hockey requires a high-level of endurance and strength as a matter of safety. Being in top physical form is important to handle the rigors of hockey season, as many of our students play year round and play other sports. It is our goal to support our coaches, athletic trainer, booster clubs, families, and players by providing necessary resources to keep our kids safe and strong.


We are proud to call Pop Whalen our home ice and are grateful for the taxpayers and the Friends of Pop Whalen for making it happen. It is our goal to grow our hockey family by bringing local businesses and the community together to enjoy this facility. We are a resource for local hockey news and events as well as assisting the Friends of Pop Whalen and other community groups to come together at the rink.

For the love of the game

Hockey is a sport that can be played for a lifetime. From Mini Mites to adult hockey leagues, there is something for everyone who loves to play. To have a strong high school team, players need to have an opportunity to begin their hockey careers when they are young. Unfortunately, hockey is a very expensive sport which puts it out of reach for many families. We intend to provide opportunities for families to afford tuition through volunteer work.

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